Smooth 877 Entertainment All Time Suspense Movies Where You Can Even Watch In 2021

All Time Suspense Movies Where You Can Even Watch In 2021

All Time Suspense Movies Where You Can Even Watch In 2021 post thumbnail image

Telugu movies are now available on several OTT platforms, allowing you to watch them any time. All the latest Telugu movies online being launched online will be available for viewers. Opting for the subscription will give more facilities on the platform. A few of them are:

  1. Anaganaga O Athidhi

The movie is a remake of Aa KaraalaRatri, a Kannada movie directed by DayalPadmanaban. The thriller movie casts Payal Rajput, Chakrapani Ananda, Chaitanya Krishna, and VeenaSundar. Produced by Chidambaram Natesan and Raja Ramamurthy, the film is set in a rural background. It revolves around the greedy family, and the opening scene is of a burning house. The movie has three locations, a river where Srinivas, the male protagonist, was introduced, a bar where Ananda Chakrapani drowns his sorrows, and a house that looks like a hundred years ago.

  • Story 

Payal Rajput, playing the role of Mallika, is a dissatisfied woman handed by life. Chaitanya Krishna, the Atidhi who calls himself a nomad, has introduced as a journalist to the Mallika family. They wanted to shelter him, but he foolishly flaunted his wealth. The turning point is when Greedy Mallika, the drunken father, and the innocent mother decided to take his life. Anaganaga O Athidhi drags from there, and in the end, the emotional twist will strike the cord. Payal has excelled in the role of a girl showing her an evil side, and the performance of Chaitanya’s is decent.

  1. Dirty Hari

The erotic thriller movie is written by M. S. Raju, produced by Guduru Sai Puneeth and GuduruSateeshBabu. Mark K. Robin gives the music, and the production companies are SPJ Creations and HYLIFE Entertainment. The main leads are Shravan Reddy, Ruhani Sharma, and Simrat Kaur, and the cinematography is by M. N. Baalreddy. From, the movie has received three out of five ratings.

  • Story 

Hari, the role of Shravan Reddy, is an ambitious man who lands in Hyderabad to make it big. Fortunately, he meets a rich girl, and the character name is Vasudha, played by Ruhani Sharma; Hari falls for her, and in the process, he starts feeling for Jasmine. Simrat Kaur is playing the role of Jasmine, and she is the girlfriend of Vasudha’s brother. This entire thing will give a new role to the film, and you get to see the problems he faces in his marital life. The movie was successful at the box office, and it runs for 107 minutes. Edited by Junaid Siddiqui and many other characters were played by Surekha Vani, Mahesh Achant, AppajiAmbarishaDarba, and Ajay. The movie was a directorial return for M.S. Raju after 2012.


Watch movies online. 

OTT platforms have been great to watch movies online when you are travelling or at home. The amount you have to pay for a subscription is comparatively lesser than you spend on movie tickets. Thus, you can watch them on your smartphone according to your convenience.

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