Smooth 877 Casino What is an RNG, and how is it implemented in different casino games?

What is an RNG, and how is it implemented in different casino games?

What is an RNG, and how is it implemented in different casino games? post thumbnail image

It’s one of the most asked questions by those who are completely new to online casino gaming: how can I trust that the games I’m playing are fair and not rigged?

The answer is the string of complex code that each casino game developer implements into the build of their titles – the random number generator (RNG).

Every single outcome in a game is given a dedicated code, and when you spin the reels or the roulette wheel, a string of code is selected at random by the in-game mechanic – hence why any number, or any combination of symbols on a reel, can be spun at any given time.

This is the way that the best NJ online casino operators are able to provably show that their games are fair and random, and with this RNG independently verified and approved by a third-party agency, you can rest assured that there’s no funny business going on.

Are online slots rigged?

One of the reasons why RNGs are used so widely in gaming is that they can create trillions of unpredictable events and sequences within milliseconds.

The old fruit machines of the 1970s and 80s had their own version of an RNG built into them, but these days in the online space, the generators are so sophisticated that game developers have been able to create all manner of special features and bonus rounds in slot gaming – knowing that the RNG can cope with such demands.

As mentioned, each RNG is rigorously back-tested, monitored and certified by a specialist agency such ase COGRA or Verisign. They analyze the data of a slot or casino game to ensure that the RNG is achieving exactly what it’s supposed to.

Is online roulette truly random?

One of those classic gambling fallacies is that there are certain ‘hot’ numbers on a roulette wheel – i.e., that some digits are hit more frequently than others as the ball takes up its resting place at the end of the spin.

This is absolute nonsense, and provably so in the case of online roulette.

The RNG creates a new sequence of code for every spin, meaning that there’s no way that a particular number will appear more than any other (apart from randomly so) or that once a number has been spun, it won’t appear again for, say, 30 or more spins.

Random means random – you could spin three 23s in an hour, or you might not see one for days.

Is online blackjack fair?

So, we know how an RNG works for casino games such asslots and roulette, but what about for card games such as online blackjack?

Again, every card in the deck is assigned a random value, and when you click to start a new game, a string of code is used to denote the cards that you and the dealer are dealt. So, you could see a surfeit of aces, or you might not be dealt one for some time – that’s the nature of randomness.

Interestingly, the RNG makes card counting impossible – so online blackjack truly is completely random, unbiased and unpredictable!

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